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If you live in Tacoma, and you are looking for a garage door service such as garage door repair, garage door installment, or garage door tune up, you just found it. All Pierce County Garage Doors repair and replace garage doors from all makers in Tacoma Washington: we provide service for Sears’s garage doors, Wayne Dalton’s garage doors, Lift-Master’s garage door operators, Amar’s garage doors and many more. All Pierce County Garage Doors repair wooden garage doors and Aluminum garage doors in Tacoma Wa. We believe in quality, and we believe that when you provide quality, customers will know that you are a pro, and they will feel safe to recommend about your services. So to us it doesn’t really matter if it is a new overhead door installment in Tacoma, or a garage door repair in Puyallup Wa. We will always do our best to provide you with our garage door service that made us one of the leading garage doors companies in Washington.

Avoid using a busted door!

If your garage door in Tacoma stopped working, if it is stuck, out of track, or any other problem, please stop using the door. Using a busted garage door, whether it is a busted spring, safety sensors malfunction, or snapped cable is dangerous. Not only that you can increase the damage, and the repair will probably take longer and cost you more, but using a damaged garage door which isn’t safe to use can be dangerous and can cause personal injuries. With our same day garage door repairs in Tacoma, All Pierce County Garage Doors can fix your busted garage door today!

Busted Garage Door Spring

The spring system is the force that lift and lower the garage door. No matter if your garage door is working with a torsion coil spring system or extension tension spring system, if you own a garage door in Tacoma Washington or a garage door in New Rochelle, using a garage door with a busted, damaged or not adjust springs is dangerous. If you live in Tacoma Washington, and you need someone to repair or replace a busted spring, please don’t try to use the door, and call a garage door vendor in Tacoma that repair busted springs.
All Pierce County Garage Doors can replace any kind of garage door spring in Tacoma Washington. Sometime we will simply replace the busted spring, and sometime we will replace both springs if the job require that. There are many different overhead doors in Tacoma Washington, and we can fix all of them. But not only that we can replace them, if you are located in Tacoma, most likely that we can replace your busted garage door spring today. 
Sometime you may assume that the best and cheapest way for you to solve the garage door problem will be to replace the garage door spring by do-it-yourself instead of calling a garage door repairman in Tacoma to come and replace the spring for you. But this is a mistake. There are many kinds of types of garages in Tacoma, and beside locating the right spring for the job, you will also need to perform the spring replacement, that for some garage doors in Tacoma can become complicated, and may require special tools and of course special knowledge.
If the reason you prefer to perform the spring replacement by doing-it-yourself is because you need the garage to work ASAP. Know that All Pierce County Garage Doors offer same day garage door repairs in Tacoma Washington, and that we can fix your garage door, and make it work again today.

Garage door repair Tacoma

DIY attempt (Case study)

As we mentioned earlier, there are many different types and kinds of garages. A garage opener that can fix a garage door in Tacoma, will not necessarily fit a garage door in Seattle, and a garage door spring that can fit the garage door of your neighbor in Tacoma, will not necessarily fit your overhead door. To you, two different garage springs may look the same, and you may watch numerous DIY tutorials of garage door repairs, but at the end, there is only one set of spring that will fit your garage door in Tacoma, and trying to use the wrong springs will prevent the door from working properly, and can also be dangerous.

Garage door repair case study

The case study we chose to present is not from a garage door repair in Tacoma, but from a garage door repair in Pierce County: We once received a call from a client who told us that he would like us to come and fix the garage door. When our technician arrived to inspect the garage door, he discovered that someone else already tried to repair the garage door and failed. When we asked, the customer told us that he purchased a new garage opener, and tried to replace the old opener by DIY. When we asked why he did it? He said that although he installed the opener by the instructions, the motor couldn’t open the door.
And this is important for our case study! Many times when the garage door opener cannot lift and open the door, and for that matter it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door repair in Tacoma or a garage door repair in Puyallup Wa, you may assume that you need a garage door opener repair in Seattle, or to get a new garage opener. But the truth is that many times the reason that the opener cannot open your garage door in Tacoma is not the opener, but a busted spring (Or other garage mechanism issue). So whenever we get a call from someone who tell us that there is issue with the opener, we ask them to let us check first, and only then to determine what the real cause for the problem is.
And in our garage door DIY case study, the customer went and purchased a new opener, just to find that the new opener is also unable to open the door. Because what he missed – and what a qualified garage door technician probably wouldn’t - is that there a busted coil spring, and replacing it could solve the issue, and new garage opener wasn’t required.

Garage Spring Replacement Tacoma Washington

All Pierce County Garage Doors offer same day garage door spring replacement in Tacoma Wa. We also offer emergency repair service for all kinds of overhead doors in Seattle Washington. If you would like to read what our garage door customers in Washington think about our services, you can read reviews written by our customers in Tacoma Washington and find out what our customers think about the services of All Pierce County Garage Doors.

New garage door Tacoma

Garage Opener Repair Tacoma

Most people mistakenly assume that the garage door opener is the force that lift their garage door in Tacoma, when actually the garage door’s springs system doing most of the lifting. And this is the exact reason why we say over and over, if the spring is busted – stop using the door until the busted spring will be fixed or replaced by a trained garage door expert.
It doesn’t matter if you own a garage door in Tacoma and using Lift-Master opener, or if you own a garage door in Pierce County and use Genie opener, if the garage door is not working properly, or if there is something wrong with the way it is moving, call a garage door specialist in Tacoma to come and fix it for you.
A good garage door opener, from a leading garage door operators manufacture, like Lift-Master garage opener that was correctly installed by a trained garage opener installer, can work for many years with no problems (as long as the opener and the door are being maintained on time). We recommend that when you are purchasing a garage door opener for your home in Tacoma, to invest some more money in a high quality opener, which will last for a long time, and that won’t need to be replaced or repaired after 2-3 years.

Who Supply garage opener in Seattle?

There are many garage door vendors and suppliers in Washington, many of them offer high quality garage operators. When you consider the fact that a good garage opener can easily last for twenty years or more, you understand why it is important to invest in quality.
Our goal in All Pierce County Garage Doors it to supply high quality garage operators for our customers in Tacoma. Sometime we are being asked why we are more expensive than other garage door supplier in Tacoma, and we always answer the same way: Because we only supply quality.
Just like many other things in life, when you come to compare two different estimates, you need to compare and apple with an apple. Just like you understand why a vehicle created by Ferrari can cost more than a vehicle made by Toyota, so does the garage opener. When we offer a high quality Lift-Master garage opener, you cannot compare it to a garage door contractor in Tacoma that offer you a cheap garage door opener from an unknown brand. We sell quality and warranty, and we cannot afford to put our signature on a product which is less than perfect. We have a reputation to maintain in Tacoma and in Seattle, as the best garage door vendor in Washington, and for that, we must deliver quality and stay professional, even if it means that sometime we will have to pass projects that require low quality.

Garage door repair Tacoma


If your garage door is stuck, out of track, making strange noises, or any other problem that indicate that garage door need service, we recommend that you will STOP USING THE GARAGE DOOR, and contact a garage door vendor in Seattle. Not only that using a busted garage door can lead to a bigger damage, but using a busted garage door can be dangerous, and cam lead to serious injuries. Garage Doors FAQ

Garage Door Replacement Tacoma Wa

One of the common questions when it comes to garage door replacement in Tacoma Washington is: “Should I repair the existing the door, or should I purchase a new garage door”?
There is no one answer to that question, but in this nice article by “Matlalonco Doors” you may find some answers to that questions, that can make it easier for you to determine if to repair you existing garage door in Tacoma, or to purchase a new overhead door. Whatever your decision will be, we can help you get the job done, since we repair garage doors in Tacoma Washington, but we also install new overhead doors in Seattle Wa.
If you live in Tacoma, and you have decided that it is time to replace your garage door, All Pierce County Garage Doors can help, we have endless options when it comes to garage door replacement, and we have replaced hundreds of garage doors in Tacoma and in Seattle, so you know you will be dealing with a vendor which is experienced in the garage door field, and that have installed numerous amount of new overhead doors in Tacoma Washington.
No matter what your decision will be, and even if you will choose to use the services of a different garage door vendor in Tacoma Washington we always tell our customers that the difference between a top quality garage door, and a basic garage door, can range from 75-225$, depend on the door. But those extra dollars are a great investment, since you will get a door that will serve you for many years with no need for repairs, and not a cheap garage door that you will probably need to replace or fix after 4-6 years. This rule goes for every garage door. It can be a commercial overhead door in Tacoma, or a new garage door in the Washington, whatever your decision will be, make sure that you aim for the best, that may cost more at the moment, but will turn into a great investment when you will be saving a lot of money over the years.

New Garage Door Tacoma Washington

Every new garage door installment, whether in Tacoma or a garage door replacement in Bonney Lake Washington, include 2 important parts: The door itself, that should be made from high quality materials; And the installment job, that should be performed by a trained technician, who have experience in installing new overhead doors in Tacoma and in Seattle Washington.
If you searched for a new garage door, and purchased high quality door, but did not use a professional installer, you may find that the door is not working smoothly after few years. On the other hand, if you used the services of a professional garage installer in Tacoma, but did not purchase a high quality door, you may face the same problem again.
The design of your new garage door in, its color, and if you will use an electric opener for the door is not as important as the 2 things we just described. And when you consider that a new garage door in Tacoma Washington can last for more than 30 years, you understand why quality matter, and why sometime by investing in quality, you get quality in return.
All Pierce County Garage Doors’s garage door services in Tacoma Washington combine the two things we just described, since we only carry high quality garage doors, parts and garage operators; And at the same time, all our garage doors technicians in Tacoma are trained and reliable, and they will do all they can to make sure that the reputation of All Pierce County Garage Doors as the best garage door vendor in Seattle Washington will be maintained.
If you wonder “Who install new garage door in Seattle Washington”? We just gave you the answer. Call All Pierce County Garage Doors at 206-257-7689 for an estimate and evaluation for a new garage door installment in Tacoma Washington. We carry garage door from leading brands such as Wayne Dalton and Amarr doors, and we offer to meet you at your convenience in your home for an estimate.

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Commercial Garage Door Service in Tacoma Washington

Commercial overhead doors, whether in Tacoma, or a commercial garage door repair in Washington, is a door that should only be serviced by a pro. This is not the place for do-it-yourself- kind of repairs, and for sure not the place for testing. There are commercial overhead doors that weigh hundreds and even thousands of pounds, and when one of them fall, not only that it can create damage, it can easily hurt someone. If you need a commercial garage door repair in Seattle Washington, the best thing for you to do will be to call us, or any other garage doors repairs vendor in Seattle Washington, who specialize in commercial garage doors, and who can deal with heavy duty overhead doors that you can find in Tacoma.

Garage Door Tune-up Tacoma Wa

Another important part, which is not unique for commercial garage doors in Tacoma, is the tune-up. Every garage door need to be maintained. It can be a commercial garage door in Pierce County Wa, a residential garage door in Tacoma, or a roll up door repairs. If you will need until your overhead door will completely stop working, you will find that it may cost you 10 times the amount you could save if you used a garage door technician in Tacoma to maintain the door for you, or if you would have maintain your garage door by yourself. You will be amazed how much difference some lubrication can make.

All our garage doors and gates technicians are insured, and performed hundreds of garage doors and gates repair in Tacoma Wa. Call All Pierce County Garage Doors, and one of them will be at your place today, and will be happy to help you to leave all the problems in the past.




Same day service is what we aim for. It can be commercial overhead door in Pierce County, or private home garage door repair anywhere in Seattle. The technicians of All Pierce County Garage Doors are ready for the task.

With our same day service, we can fix any broken garage door today. All you need to do in order to get your garage door working again safely and flawlessly today, is to call 206-257-7689, for same day garage door services near Pierce County, WA.

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